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Shamrock Earthworks Ltd. was established in 2007 by owner operator Sean Coghlan and quickly became one of Calgary’s premier earthworks companies. Sean is a fierce mix of intelligent, compassionate, hardworking, and is diligently driven. His dedication to his craft has made him a trusted contractor who has a pulse on Calgary’s unique and diverse landscape. His enthusiasm for helping clients achieve their projects is evident through his utilization of traditional tactics, today’s technology and a wealth of experience.
Whether you are looking for a retaining wall, grading your driveway, or digging a foundation for your forever home – Sean takes the time to grow an intimate appreciation of your vision and what that looks like to you.

15 years

of moving

heavy SH*T

WE DON't do it all, but pretty damn close.

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Building quality retaining walls is our specialty. Using natural stone, we build retaining walls to make your yard more functional and beautiful. Everything from small decorative, to large engineered structural walls- we build them all.


From single family dwellings in the city, acreages in the surrounding area, all the way up to townhouses and multi family developments. We take care of the excavation, hauling and trenching.

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Gravel driveways often get ruts, potholes and washboard.  Using a power rake and a packer, we can give them a much needed refresh so they look good as new!


Demolition, grading, roadbuilding, bulk earthmoving. If the job needs heavy equipment, there’s a good chance we can help.

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Septic certified. We provide new installs for our acreage clients.



If you have a large slope in your yard, it probably means you have a lot of unusable space. Adding one or more retaining walls allows you to level off areas of the yard, in order to make them more functional. It also adds to curb appeal and overall enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Aside from the beauty of stone, it also has the weight to hold back the earth you are retaining.  We get plenty of work replacing failed concrete block walls. A well-built stone wall is like original art piece, nobody else will ever have the same wall as you.

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“People have been building stone retaining walls for thousands of years. At shamrock earthworks we combine traditional stone techniques with the latest technology and modern equipment to put our own spin on this ancient craft.”

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